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Reccuring Monthly! A strictly not for profit two hour practice session in a mirrored studio.

First Saturday of every month
3:30 pm to 5:30 pm

Cost: Cost of studio hire (£25) to be split between all the attendees. Usually 3-4 quid per person.

The Salsa Rocks Studio session offers you a comfortable, safe and helpful environment to focus on self learning. This is also a chance to connect with similarly driven passionate dancers of all levels. And for those looking for a guidance, direction, tips or advice, we run a structured "Corner Session" during the first hour while others do their own thing.

Our goal is to continue developing ourselves as salsa dancers, stretch our limits and encourage enthusiastic dancers of all levels to join us on this journey.

After the Corner Session (optional) YOU will take charge of your learning/practice. For partner work practice it is best to post on the event page and ask to partner up, as everyone focuses on different things which may not always match your needs :)

To get the most out of these sessions its recommended that you have an idea of what you would like to work on before you turn up :) Bring a video of some partnerwork or footwork pattern that you are struggling with or find an exciting routine or shine pattern on youtube or something from a recent class. If you are not sure what you want to work on and would like some guidance, please post here on the event page; our lovely community of dancers is always happy to offer useful advice.

We invite you to train with us, sweat hard and party even harder!


Class Schedule

Updated 10/05/2019

Every Wednesday

7:45pm till midnight
Kerala, 2 Eastgate
Leeds, LS2 7JL (Google Map)

20.00 - 20.55
Beginners - Intro and basics
Improvers Technique

21.00 - 21.55
Beginners+ - Moves and Tips
Improvers Turn Patterns
Intermediate Syllabus

22.00 - Midnight
Social Dancing!
Music by DJ Mark

Contact Us

SalsaRocks Leeds

SalsaRocks Leeds

SalsaRocks Leeds

SalsaRocks Leeds

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Come meet us on Wednesday:
7:45pm till midnight
Kerala Restaurant, 2 Eastgate LS2 7JL Leeds